Python interface for automating test, calibration and data acquisition for embedded control systems.

Automate test, calibration and data acquisition for ECUs

Pass is a python interface for calibration and data acquisition of embedded control systems via XCP.

Pass is ideal to automate tasks such as calibration, measurement, test and validation. In a nutshell – everything which can be done manually with Sumac can be automated with Pass.

It is straightforward to integrate Pass in existing test frameworks such as for example Robot Framework.

Advantages of Pass

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[Python and Sumac Services]


ECU Measurement and recording by XCP Daq lists

Measurement and recording of CAN networks

ECU Measurement by polling

Download calibration scalars

Upload and download calibration file

Loading a stored recording

Software download

Send CAN frames

System requirements

  • Windows 10 or Linux.
  • For CAN a CAN device is required. Sumac supports ETASKvaser and PEAK-System and Vector CAN devices. 
  • We are an authorized distributor for Kvaser and can therefore deliver complete measurement solutions including both software and hardware. From Kvaser we recommend the Semipro or Pro series. Note that we do not recommend the any of Light variants from Kvaser due to their limited capacity to handle high bus loads.
  • ASAP2 (.A2L) file required for XCP. See Acam toolsuite for A2L creation and management.
  • ECU with XCP 1.0 or later support (for real-time operation only).



Pass 1.2.9 for Windows and Python 3.9

Pass 1.2.9 for Linux and Python 3.9

Note! Pass uses a small auxiliary program to configure socketcan interfaces, socketcantool. socketcantool must have sufficient privileges. Grant them with $ sudo setcap cap_net_admin=eip  /path/to/socketcantool. socketcantool will be installed next to the pass .so file in your site-packages folder hierarchy.


If you’re interested in builds for MacOS need a build for a different Python version – contact us!


Sumac uses Codemeter for license management. Hence Codemeter runtime is required. If it isn’t already installed get it from

Sumac for Windows needs Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable. Download and install vc_redist.x64.exe if it isn’t already installed.

CAN device drivers

Due to the large number of CAN device vendors supported Sumac doesn’t come bundled with CAN device drivers. Below follows links to the drivers for each supported CAN device vendor.

First the driver for the device itself is needed. The download is a package called Hardware Service Pack. Install this first and then install the driver for your specific device from within Hardware Service Pack.

An addition, the BOA integration package from ETAS is required. During installation choose the 64-bit version since Sumac is a 64-bit exe. The path to the DLLs in the BOA integration package must be manually added to the system PATH. Default folder for  these DLLs is 
C:\Program Files\ETAS\BOA_V2\Bin\x64\Dll\Framework

Download both packages from



Please contact us via: for trial license.